Sistemic & Cynata announce cooperation on in-process purity assay development for CT product

Released: Friday 6th May 2016

Sistemic and Cynata announce cooperation on in-process purity assay development for Cell Therapy (CT) product.

Sistemic Ltd. and Cynata Therapeutics Limited (ASX:CYP) announced today that they have entered into an agreement which will see Sistemic use its novel SistemQC™ miRNA technology platforms, together with its extensive internal databases of cellular products, to develop an in-process assessment assay for Cynata’s unique Cymerus™ Cell Therapy (CT) products. This follows an extensive period of feasibility assessment where Cynata evaluated the Sistemic technology portfolio and approach.

The development of CT products represents a major breakthrough in the potential to treat a wide range of diseases which are currently untreatable. Nevertheless, the sector has many challenges, not least in terms of standardisation and scale-up. The combination of Sistemic’s predictive miRNA technology, with the standardised and highly scalable technology from Cynata, presents a potential winning combination and paves the way for rapid industrialisation of a wide range of CT products which could revolutionise the way a wide range of diseases are treated.

Jim Reid, Chairman and CEO of Sistemic said “The CT industry holds much promise in so many ways for patients who have untreatable conditions, but the need for standardisation and industrialisation are big challenges the industry has not yet overcome. The combination of the technologies from two of the industry’s leading companies in trying to solve these scalability and reproducibility problems will undoubtedly enhance the speed of clinical development and subsequent uptake into clinical practice. By combining the strength of Sistemic’s technologies and understanding of the biology of cells together with the wide range of attributes of Cynata’s Cymerus technologies we see this collaboration as potentially transformational for the industry as a whole, and would represent a step change in the industrialisation of the sector.”

Kilian Kelly, Vice President, Product Development at Cynata said “Cynata’s unique Cymerus technology delivers a process to manufacture a consistent therapeutic CT product. The development of robust, efficient and sensitive assays is a cornerstone of the development of such a therapeutic product, especially in view of its complex biological nature. Sistemic’s innovative SistemQC™ miRNA has a number of valuable attributes, and we expect this cooperation to help smooth the path forward for our Cymerus clinical development programs.”

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