Sistemic's, SistemRNA platform selected by Redx Pharma for drug development screening

Released: Wednesday 6th April 2011

Glasgow, Scotland 6th April 2011; Fast growing Sistemic has signed a master service agreement with Redx Pharma, to provide its SistemRNA suite of drug development tools, to accelerate Redx Pharma’s preclinical development pipeline, of over 250new drug candidates.This comes on the back of the successful completion of a project which added significant value to one of Redx Pharma’s lead programmes whilst providing a significant cost saving. The news follows Sistemic’s announcement in February of an 82% increase in sales from the same period a year ago.

The SistemRNA approach offers a new way to accelerate drug development pipelines in a cost effective manner through the use of their intelligent and instructive microRNA-based screening platform. SistemRNA essentially identifies drug effects by associative changes in microRNA expression profiles and their analysis in context against Sistemic’s growing proprietary database of known drug responses, SistemKB. The compounds are then fully characterised on the basis of indication, mechanism of action, off-target effects and toxicology profile (SistemTOX). Sistemic’s, Director of Commercial Operations, Verna McErlane commented “We are absolutely delighted to be expanding our relationship with Redx Pharma and to have been chosen as their in vitro screening partner for their pipeline of over 250 innovative drug candidates. It is great to be involved with companies like Redx Pharma that have the potential to make a real difference to the treatment options that are available today, bringing safer, more efficacious drugs to the market. The SistemRNA suite of drug development tools are proving to be an indispensable tool for biotechnology companies that need to rapidly screen their portfolio whilst adding significant asset value to their programmes. Consequently, our approach is gaining wider acceptance from the drug development community, in addition to the cell therapy markets, and we expect this to lead to a number of other high value master service agreements throughout 2011.”
Redx Pharma’s business strategy is to fast-track new drug candidates towards clinical readiness, prior to out-licensing development and commercialisation. The business has raised in excess of £3m in equity rounds and R&D grants since commencing operations at Liverpool’s MerseyBio in mid-2007. Dr. Neil Murray, CEO of Redx Pharma commented, “We have found the Sistemic approach unique and compelling and we look forward to developing a long and mutually beneficial relationship with them where they will help us with our drug discovery programmes, to bring new treatments faster, cheaper and with more chance of success to the market”.
Sistemic’s primary business is focussed on providing innovative microRNA-based problem-solving services and kit-based products to areas of unmet need within Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology markets and the Cell Therapy community. MicroRNAs are seen as the master controllers of a cell and as such Sistemic believe that they are providing instructive information on effects on a whole cell or organism rather than an isolated pathway. This system approach means that the data produced is more indicative of the biology and more diagnostic of actual effect. Sistemic Chief Executive Jim Reid commented, "The broad applicability of microRNA profiling and the unique insight it can give is now becoming more widely accepted. This agreement confirms this developing acceptance and the endorsement from Redx Pharma is a great boost for Sistemic.” In addition to the extensive suite of tools for the drug development sector Sistemic have a range of tools for the Cell Therapy community including SistemQC™, which is used to characterise cells including stem cells, as well as monitoring the QC of production.
For more information please contact; Dr. Verna McErlane, Director of Commercial Operations
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