Canon Medical Celebrates Ten-Year Milestone of Cutting-Edge Research in Edinburgh

Released: Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd. celebrates this month the ten-year anniversary of the acquisition of their company by its Japanese parent company in 2009. In that time, the organization has grown in scope from advanced imaging to include research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and non-imaging healthcare data analysis and visualization, and integrated information management system development.

Since acquisition, the company has become embedded into Canon Medical’s global R&D network, developing strong collaborative relationships across all modality business units and Canon Medical’s other software companies. Through this global network, the company has delivered innovation to the global healthcare market driven by Canon Medical’s corporate philosophy Made for Life.

Dr. Ken Sutherland, president Canon Medical Research Europe said; “We’ve managed to develop a strong and effective partnership with our colleagues both in Japan and around the world. During this period, the team in Edinburgh have brought close to £100m of inward investment into the Scottish Economy from Japan.”

The company has also developed strong external relationships with the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, raising several million pounds of external grant funding from both Scottish and UK Governments. Most recently through the Innovate UK funded AI for Radiology and Pathology Imaging. Which led to the development of the Industrial Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research in Digital Diagnostics (iCAIRD) consortium led by the University of Glasgow from its presence at the Clinical Innovation Zone at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital with strong support from other academic centers and NHS Scotland.

Canon Medical is continuing its focus on innovation combined with academic collaboration with the recent announcement of a successful joint application for funding to the Royal Academy of Engineering for a Fellowship award to Dr. Sotirios Tsaftaris from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering to work on AI for Healthcare in collaboration with Canon Medical. This is the first such academic collaboration for Canon Medical in the UK.

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