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Released: Monday 8th February 2021


Pandemic Response: Life Sciences Recruiter Report Success – Eyes Future Growth

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Entrust Resource Solutions (ERS), specialist in Life Sciences and Healthcare talent acquisition, has reported
2020 figures which include a turnover increase of 110% to £4.6million, and a 47% growth in headcount across
the group.

These results are, in part, attributable to ERS’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen existing
client demand for its specialist resourcing services increase dramatically, whilst 20% of the year’s activity is
attributable to new customers.

The company specialises in what it terms “bench to board” resourcing activity, recruiting for contract and
permanent roles at all levels within the life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.
Unsurprisingly, its expertise across three strategic UK locations has been critical in the on-going fight against

To date, the company has been responsible for placing extensive contract and permanent personnel across the
UK, focused upon the development of diagnostics and testing, the manufacture of life-saving technology,
laboratory skills and, crucially, the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Discussing ERS’ approach to recent events, Chief Commercial Director, Austin Clark, said: “There is no doubt
that the circumstances of 2020 have demanded an incredible level of agility and flexibility from those engaged
in the search for effective diagnostics, treatment and vaccinations.

“ERS has proven its inherent ability to respond with equal dexterity to a vastly changed landscape where there
has been a significant increase in demand for life sciences and associated healthcare contractors. We’re
incredibly proud of the results we’ve achieved for our UK-wide client base and the part we continue to play in
this unique situation.”

Despite strides being made in both testing and vaccination, ERS is confident that demand to provide expertise
specific to coronaviruses is sustainable in the mid-term, and it continues to implement a strategy of
investment, internal development and recruitment in place as the company eyes significant growth in the
longer term.

COVID-19 apart, the Scottish life sciences sector alone continues to maintain a level of year-on-year growth,
with an original industry value of £8billion by 2025 already tipped to increase to £25billion, with access to
skills and the development of a robust infrastructure at the head of the agenda.

Reflective of ERS’ response to the sector’s upward trajectory is the appointment of recruitment business
advisory specialist, Brian Creegan, as interim Managing Director. Previously Head of Business Improvement for
a global resourcing agency, Mr Creegan brings over 13 years’ experience in recruitment process optimisation,
talent branding and strategic planning.

Commenting on this appointment, he said: “The projected growth of the Scottish life sciences sector is
phenomenal and represents an outstanding opportunity for the country. Our challenge is to work closely with
industry, government and academia alike, to ensure that the talent exists to make this a reality. I’m delighted
to join the ERS team at such a pivotal moment for this sector.”

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