Sistemic supports Talent Scotland

Released: Wednesday 21st September 2011


Sistemic supports Talent Scotland

21 September: Sistemic, UK: Sistemic, a growing and successful biotechnology company, recently
recruited a new Senior Bioinformatician with Talent Scotland’s help. Sistemic and Talent Scotland
share a mutual goal of attracting ‘new blood’ from the international life science market to

The new recruit Max Bylesjo, originally from Sweden, moved to Scotland to work at Sistemic in
bioinformatics and was grateful to Talent Scotland for all the information they provided. Max was
recently interviewed by Talent Scotland and talked about his work at Sistemic, his perception
about living in Scotland, and his future goals

Sistemic specialises in targeted miRNA profiling technology (SistemRNA™) for drug discovery and
stem cell therapy development and its employees are very proud of their Scottish connections.
Jim Reid, CEO of Sistemic, is a Scot and talented businessman. He freely admits that in his view
Scotland projects an “excellent business environment” for life sciences and a range of other
modern industries.

Reid, who has many years experience of working for pharmaceutical and biotech companies across
Europe and in Switzerland, said: “Scotland has a great deal to offer, new technologies and applied
knowledge continue to emerge from our world-class universities, driving the development of
spinoff companies”.

Jim Reid recently gave an interview to Talent Scotland about the origins of Sistemic and his hopes
for the future of the company


Sistemic and SistemRNA™ are registered trademarks of Sistemic UK

About Sistemic Ltd.

Sistemic is focused on providing innovative microRNA-based problem-solving services to areas of unmet need within Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology R&D and manufacturing. MicroRNAs are perceived as the master controllers of the cell and mediate a wide range of cell functions and responses. Sistemic has developed miRNA profiling technology where a cell’s whole microRNA response to a stimulus (chemical or biological) can be analysed, interpreted, compared to the Sistemic Knowledgebase of miRNA response and then provided to the client as useful and functional data. In this way a cell can be subjected to a single assay and its full biological response can be obtained, to give the client a more complete understanding of their system.

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